We’re a small, smart, hardworking company that does standards-based Web design and custom application development for outstanding institutions of higher education and some great nonprofits. We create dynamic, easy-to-update sites built on no-nonsense frameworks and are committed to direct communication between the people doing the work and the people paying for it.

Kate Schatz, White Whale friend and occasional copywriter, has written a novella, Rid of Me, that has received some great reviews. Buy it on Amazon or — better — at your local independent bookstore.


Although the tendency to appear larger than you are is common in the animal world, we think it kills design and Web agencies.

We're not going to play that game; we're a small company, and that's how we like it.

You're obviously as smart as we are, because you found this card before its content was ready yet.

E-mail us and let's be smart together.


You obviously work as hard as we do, because you found this card before its content was ready yet.

E-mail us and let's work together.


We are deeply committed to standards-based Web design, both in theory and practice.

From a design perspective, we are known for pure CSS site design with clean navigation and prominent search. As developers, we work in PHP/MySQL, and are firmly committed to responsible, accessible, forward-compatible technologies like RSS, XML and XHTML.

We have built more custom Web applications than would fit on this card. (Hmm, maybe that's a design flaw.)

Our portfolio includes custom tools for calendaring, search, news, data management, RSS, and lots more. Click here for more on our app development model, here for a technical overview of White Whale programming practices, and here for a general portfolio.

We are proud to work with some of America's best colleges and universities.

Our work for Brown University includes sites for Admission, Research, and the Graduate School. We completed the Duke University site in early 2006 along with Duke Today (a daily magazine).

We've recently launched sites for Duke Law School and Haverford College. Our newest .edu clients are Tulane University, Southwestern University, and Kenyon College.

We work pro bono for nonprofits whose missions we admire.

Our nonprofit clients, who we try to give the same level of service as our paying clients, include New Urban Arts and Sophia Academy. Nonprofits we've worked for in the past include the Nassau Land Trust and the Providence Black Repertory Company.

The most common concern expressed by prospective White Whale clients in our first phone conversation:

“Our Web site needs to be easy for staff to update.”

We've got you covered, even if some people find our opinions about content management a little unconventional.


We can start the conversation right now, if you're ready.

Phone: 510-808-4028

E-mail: Write to everyone@whitewhale.net with general questions, tonya@whitewhale.net with new business queries, or jason@whitewhale.net for boss-type stuff.

Us: Tonya, Jason, Donald, and Alex

Selected client list:

Kenyon College, Tulane University, Southwestern University, Haverford College, Duke University, Brown University, New Urban Arts, New Harvest Coffee, Sophia Academy.

Learn more in our site portfolio.

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