White Whale Web Services: New Haverford College site has launched

Screenshot of new Haverford College site

The new Haverford.edu

The tools listed here, all part of Haverford's new site, were designed and built to order for Haverford by White Whale.

Haverford's new calendar, which combines events and the academic calendar and is closely integrated with our room reservation system.

News Management
News from all over Haverford is managed and shared throughout the community using tagging and sharing functions.

Course Search
A searchable database of courses at Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore.

Faculty Profiles
Profiles for all of Haverford's faculty members.

Student Profiles
Haverford students can create, manage and customize profile sites.

Student Organizations
Student groups at Haverford can create profiles too.


The Haverford College Web site, designed and built by White Whale, launched to the public on September 18, 2007.

The new Haverford.edu was designed and built by White Whale in late 2006 and 2007, in collaboration with a dedicated Haverford Web project committee, the Office of Marketing & Communications, and the greater community of Haverford students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents.

In addition to a new design, the new Haverford.edu includes a suite of custom-built Web applications, including a new enterprise-wide calendar; a news management application; a searchable database of Tri-College course descriptions; profiles for students, faculty and student organizations; a quick access page offering immediate one-click access to all Haverford departments, centers, programs, offices, and services; and an enhanced search results page that combines Web results from Haverford's newly purchased Google appliance with custom add-ons to extend search to news and events, profiles, and directory. The Haverford.edu site design is fully standards-based and XHTML compliant.

Our redesign process began in earnest in late September of 2006 with the Residency, an intensive week-long colloquium among Haverford's Web Committee, staff, faculty, students, alumni, and our designers. The collaborative process that followed is documented in White Whale's redesign blog, which operated during the most active months of the redesign process (March-June 2007). Since June we have been fine-tuning, completing our application development, and preparing for the public launch of the site (soft launch September 4, full launch September 18).

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