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White Whale at Haverford

In our ongoing quest for new ways to get close to our clients, we moved our entire office to the campus of Haverford College for a week in September of 2006. We met with every student and every stakeholder we could find; we took lunch in the dining hall; and we soaked up the sun in an outdoor office space that we had custom-built for the occasion.

We called it the Residency. You may visit the Residency's Web site, a photo gallery from our trip, or the ongoing blog of the Haverford.edu site redesign.

White Whale is a start-to-finish, design/build firm.

We are comfortable guiding our clients through each phase of a Web site redesign and development, including initial planning and strategy/mission development, site design, information architecture, content development and copywriting, site production, and application development.

Sometimes we are called upon by our clients to serve a leadership role, setting the course ourselves and leading our clients along the way; sometimes our clients are blessed with strong and creative leadership, and our role becomes one of mission support, technological expertise, and project execution. In either case, we tend to wind up working with clients looking for innovative approaches to both process and outcome, who want the stability and certainty of working with a proven solutions provider but also seek a partner that will apply direct, creative and original thought to their unique challenges.

Because we work with only two or three clients at a time, we are able to devote our full attention to each project we undertake; we put a high value on research, and look forward to investing as much time into the front end of this process as is necessary until we have the kind of complete understanding of your particular needs and concerns that is required for a truly collaborative, personalized work process.

Want to learn more? E-mail or call and we'll tell you the rest of the story.

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