White Whale Web Services: Now hiring

Please note:

We are only interested in Bay Area applicants for this position.

We do occasionally contract with freelancers, though, so if you're interested in talking with us, feel free to send us a link to your portfolio.

Hi. We're a small start-to-finish design-and-build firm in Oakland that develops standards-based Web sites and data applications; most of our clients are in higher education.

Our business is growing, and so we're adding a permanent position in Web development, based in our downtown Oakland office. The position will begin as a part-time position, at a competitive salary, but could become full-time quickly. We offer full health and dental benefits and pay 100% of all premiums.

We are looking for a thoughtful coder with a solid understanding of PHP, CSS, Web standards and valid (X)HTML. Because we're very small, we all wear a lot of hats; at any given time you may be working on branding guidelines, doing site buildouts, talking with clients, or working on our own site. So we need someone versatile, but creative thinking about the Web is at the top of our wish list.

There are a few more requirements:

  • Start-to-finish, soup-to-nuts project experience. Even if it’s a labor of love, we need to see work for which you are responsible for every single pixel and line of code. A site you built by hand for your friend’s rock band or a simple CMS you built for a freelance client is much more interesting to us than a Web site for a major corporation that you worked on as part of a team.
  • Flexibility. This means a lot of different things, and we pretty much require all of them. We need someone who can juggle projects and fuss over details, but also focus, follow through, and complete a job when the time comes. We need someone who can work effectively from home or in the office, on IM or face-to-face.
  • Creative interests other than Web development. This is really important. One of the things we all have in common is that although we love technology, we also value our time away from the computer, and enjoy creating things other than Web sites and applications. We are photographers, poets, knitters, and musicians. (Two of us are each of those.) Although we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the connection there, it’s probably true that a healthy creative outlet outside of a computer screen makes it easier for us to look at our online work with fresh eyes.

Beyond these requirements, we’d love to talk with people who have experience in Web development for higher education, or with typographical expertise, or experience in client relations along with a design background. But those aren't requirements.

Mostly it’s up to you. Read through some of the pages on our site, and decide if you’re interested in our approach. If you are, please send an e-mail to jobs@whitewhale.net with some information about yourself, links to a few portfolio projects, a résumé if you like, and a description of how you think you might contribute to our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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